Ubisoft E3 2018 Live-Blog: All The Announcements In One Place

Credit: Ubisoft

I’m live-blogging Ubisoft’s E3 press conference. Join me.

Okay, the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference has begun. I’m a little late to the party due to some technical difficulties on my end, so we’ll just jump right in.

Here’s the livestream if you want to watch it live. Refresh the page for updates as we go.


The show is over now. You can read through the below timeline to see what was shown off during the conference. I’ll be updating this post with some images and trailers and will have some more individual posts about the various games shown off published soon. Cheers!

1:05 PM: A big panda and a bunch of band members just danced to show off Just Dance 2019. Quite the production. Ubisoft is starting things off with a bang.

1:08 PM: This looks like Beyond Good & Evil 2. More cinematic stuff, but very very cool looking.

1:10 PM: Yep, Beyond Good & Evil 2. Still one of the coolest looking upcoming games but I have that nagging “too good to be true” feeling.

1:12 PM: Sorry, I spaced out while listening to them talk about the game. I just want to see gameplay. Now we’re learning about the Space Monkey program which sounds like a user-generator content program.

1:14 PM: Joseph Gordon Levitt is on stage now talking about the Space Monkey program and how you can be a part of contributing your talent to the game. He’s involved with the project through HitRecord.org and he’s…surprisingly natural on stage at a video game presser. Usually these celebrities are a disaster.

1:16 PM: Rainbow Six: Siege has 35 million players (not concurrently, but that’s still a hefty number of gamers playing a very hardcore tactical game.)

1:18 PM: They’re talking about the competitive events upcoming for Rainbow Six: Siege now so I’m once again just glazing over. Sorry folks, I’m just not an eSports guy.

1:24 PM: Oh sorry, the eSports stuff is done and there’s a guy in a really loud outfit talking about Trials Rising, which looks like a cool new Trials game. I like dirt bikes.

1:25 PM: You can sign up for a closed beta at www.trialsgame.com. The game comes out February 2019, and it’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch. Good.

Here’s the Trials trailer:

1:28 PM: Okay, we’re going to see some Division 2 now. Hopefully Ubisoft doesn’t pull a Bungie with this one.

1:33 PM: The setting for the game is Washington, D.C. which is…kind of disappointing honestly.

1:35 PM: Crowd goes wild…Raids are coming to The Division 2. That’s good for real end-game content.

1:36 PM: Ubisoft has a three-episode plan of post-release content in year one of The Division 2. Sounds like they’re really thinking this through. Maybe they learned something.

1:39 PM: Some Mario Rabbids stuff now. We’re getting a glimpse of the new Donkey Kong DLC. This is actually a musical segment so if you can’t watch the music live, just try to picture it in your head.

1:42 PM: They’re showing off footage from the Donkey Kong adventure. A seagull is flying around some of the levels and oh…the Rabbid Kong just smashed the poor thing. By the way, Mario Rabbids is an excellent turn-based tactical game. I love it. You should go play it. It’s so great and the Donkey Kong content looks fantastic.

1:44 PM: This must be Skull & Bones. A very nice pirate cinematic is playing.

1:46 PM: So, will there be an actual story in this game? With characters and such? Or is this all just window-dressing for the naval combat stuff that we’ve previously seen (and which I played at last year’s E3.)

1:47 PM: The guy talking about Skull & Bones just dropped an F-bomb and some guys cheered. Now we know this presser is super edgy and mature.

1:48 PM: Okay, so Skull & Bones is a shared-world pirate game where every player encounter matters. Sounding a lot like a less cartoony Sea of Thieves. Though less reliant on multiple players sailing a single ship. Looks like each player has their own ship instead, which will definitely be easier for solo players.

1:55 PM: After watching a few minutes of Skull & Bones which looks…decent, I guess, now Elijah Wood is on stage talking about Transference. SO MANY CELEBRITIES UBISOFT.

1:58 PM: I’m not sure how to describe Trasnference. It looks trippy. I’ll post a trailer later.

2:00 PM: So they just showed Starlink which looks kind of like No Man’s Sky meets Star Fox. Cool!

2:01 PM: Seriously, for a second I thought this was a totally revamped No Man’s Sky. Now, watching it more they even have the sound effects from Star Fox. Wait…Star Fox is in the game. Which means this is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

2:03 PM: Yves Guillemot is on stage now. They’re talking about having Star Fox in Starlink. High fives are being given to Nintendo. I’ll say this, Starlink looks way better than the last Star Fox game. Oh, and now Shigeru Miyamoto is charming us all with his adorable smile.

2:04 PM: Guillemot just gave Miyamoto a model of the Starlink ship.

2:05 PM: Starlink launches on October 16th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and with Star Fox on Nintendo Switch.

2:06 PM: It occurs to me that Starlink kind of looks like No Man’s Sky with actual content. Like combat and story. Okay, now the For Honor guys are on stage.

2:07 PM: The PC Starter Edition of For Honor will be free going forward.

2:09 PM: They’re showing off new For Honor content. “Marching Fire’ DLC looks like it’s adding Chinese characters.

2:12 PM: Castle Siege is coming to For Honor. A new mode along with the new Chinese faction. A pretty hefty amount of new content. I suppose I need to give this game a spin again now that’s dedicated servers and has a year or more of TLC under its belt. Honestly, it just didn’t do it for me at launch.

2:14 PM: Showing off The Crew 2 which you can pre-download now for the upcoming open beta. Looks like we have cars, boats and planes this time around.

2:16 PM: Okay, now they’re showing off a game set in ancient Greece. What could it be???

2:18 PM: The first Assassin’s Creed Odyssey trailer looks great. Looks a lot like Origins, which we already knew. But I’m still stoked for this setting.

2:21 PM: You can play as a male or female protagonist.

2:22 PM: Ubisoft has apparently completely changed how they tell stories in this franchise now. There are now dialogue options with different conversational results. They’re using Socrates as an example. Which, yeah, that’s a good choice.

2:23 PM: So Socrates dates this right in the Pelopponesian War as speculated. They’re showing off actual gameplay now.

2:24 PM: The game looks gorgeous. Even prettier than Origins. The setting, understandably, looks very similar. Just more Greek and less Egyptian, though the two locations have a lot of shared history.

2:30 PM: Okay for some reason my last couple of updates didn’t go through. This is a long gameplay trailer that you’ll just want to watch later. Combat looks very similar to Origins, but there’s some large scale combat that’s new. And it looks like magic will definitely be a part of the game in some form, so Ubisoft is really running with that. It looks good. I’m excited.

2:31 PM: Ok good, that last one went through. Weird. Anyways, the show is wrapping up. 1.5 hours is a long presser, so I’m glad they’re not dragging it out any longer. This was a pretty decent presser, with lots of gameplay footage and cool trailers. Some cheesy bits but nothing too terrible. Nothing EA Play terrible!

I’ll have more in-depth looks at some of these games in the near future. I need to take a closer look at all these trailers and footage and will put together some more comprehensive posts. Lots of cool stuff coming up from Ubisoft.

Thanks for reading along!

The post-show is now on and they’re showing off The Division 2 demo that is playable on the E3 show floor this week.

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