That Awesome Switch Keyboard Peripheral Is Finally Released This June In Japan

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Credit: Cyber Gadget, Nintendo

The upcoming USB keyboard for the Switch.

If you remember, in the Summer of last year there was news that Cyber Gadget was working on a new keyboard peripheral for the Switch. Well, it looks like it will be finally released this June.

Originally, the plan was to release this keyboard peripheral in September of last year. However, it was delayed but it now looks like it will finally come out.

While this is not the first keyboard peripheral for the Switch, as HORI also offers its own option, it is arguably the best in terms of incorporating the Joy-Cons.

The company behind this, that of Cyber Gadget, also makes the amazing Retro Freak console and if you don’t have one of those already, then you need to correct that oversight immediately.

As for this keyboard peripheral, it weighs 250g and comes with a 1.5m USB cable. Costing 3,758 yen, it is also quite reasonably priced.

What with Nintendo’s big new online service on the way this September, there are going to be a lot more games that will need a keyboard peripheral, so the June release for this is definitely timed well.

The only thing here is that currently this keyboard peripheral will only be released in Japan. However, you can still import it via retailers such as Amazon.

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