Data Sheet—How ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Illustrates Asia’s Mobile Messaging Obsession

Worser and worser. A study released on Tuesday found a correlation between anti-refugee violence in Germany and Facebook usage. Towns where Facebook use was higher had more attacks on refugees, even after accounting for local political orientation, size, and wealth (analyst Ben Thompson has raised some serious questions about the study’s methodology, however). The headline conclusion puts even more importance on Facebook’s efforts to fight fake news. In that realm, the company has begun assigning users a secret reputation score on a scale from one to zero. Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons talked to the Washington Post about the system but wouldn’t reveal in detail how scores are calculated. “I like to make the joke that, if people only reported things that were false, this job would be so easy! (But) people often report things that they just disagree with,” she said.

Time suck. The average person spends more than three hours each day on their work email, according to a survey of white collar workers by Adobe. Adobe also asked which common e-mail phrases were most annoying. “Not sure if you saw my last e-mail” was the most hated, followed by “per my last e-mail.”

Time suck, the sequel. While not in email, the rest of the average worker’s day is probably spent in a messaging app like Slack. That popularity helped Slack raise another $427 million of private backing in a deal that valued the company at $7.1 billion. Also on the fundraising hunt, peer-to-peer car rental service Getaround raised $300 million from SoftBank, though at just an $800 million valuation.

Start your Xerox machines. Copying small startup Robinhood, mega-bank J.P. Morgan Chase said it will offer a new service called You Invest that will let customers make up to 100 stock trades in one year for free via the bank’s existing mobile app. But after the first year, customers must hold at least $15,000 at the bank to qualify for another 100 free trades. Customers with at least $100,000 will get unlimited free trades per year.

Crazy rich Asians. Chinese phone and gadget maker Xiaomi said its revenue jumped 68% in the second quarter to $6.6 billion and adjusted profit rose 25% to $310 million. Xiaomi sold 32 million smartphones in the quarter, a 44% increase from last year.

Meet cute. The popular dating app Tinder announced a new college-only version of its service. Called Tinder U, it will be offered exclusively to active students and will only display prospective dates who are also college students.

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