Cyber Saturday—Tenable IPO, Facebook Crash, Google Security Keys

Facebook crashes. Facebook shares lost nearly 25% of their value, wiping $120 billion off its balance sheet, after the company reported slowed user growth and weaker-than-expected revenue projections. The market plunge followed a host of privacy issues affecting the company—most notably, the blowback from Cambridge Analytica’s alleged misuse of people’s data and the enactment of GDPR, a new regulatory regime, in Europe. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed got a hold of a March memo penned by Facebook’s outgoing security chief, Alex Stamos. In it, Stamos lays out what he believes Facebook must do to fix its problems, such as reeling in “creepy” data collection practices.

Google gets serious. Google had a number of security updates this week. The search giant said it will start selling hardware security keys, branded “titan,” to corporate customers in an effort to combat phishing attacks and and hacking attempts. (Google uses such fobs to protect its own systems.) Google’s cloud business said it is adding a feature to help G Suite administrators identify virus-infected computers and malware-laden files. Also, Google’s Chrome browser has started labelling sites that don’t encrypt Internet traffic with “HTTPS” as “Not Secure.”

Life-unlocked. The website for Lifelock, an identity theft protection service now owned by cybersecurity giant Symantec, had a bug that exposed subscribers’ email addresses. After journalist Brian Krebs contacted Symantec about the issue, the company took the site offline. The member portal is back up, and Symantec says the issue has been addressed.

V for Vendetta. Online disputes can lead to grudges, which can can lead to bizarre, horrible consequences. This piece by Kashmir Hill at Gizmodo tells the story of how an argument about the decorum one should exhibit on the site of a former concentration camp spiraled into a life-wrecking nightmare. The Internet is a weird place—be careful out there.

Hey, literal jailbreaking!

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